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7/31/2011 01:56:46 pm

I saw a couple of your discussions over at the Blogger Coffee Shop forum, and figured I would drop by and take a look. You do some amazing work.

I am part of a group of bloggers that manages Gallery No. 3: a blog designed to highlight works of independent and undiscovered artist in every field from poetry to pottery.

Essentially, artist submit their art work with a brief description about themselves and we highlight them with a post and links to where readers can find more of their art. Every month we also have readers vote on which submission they liked the best, and the winners work is showcased on its own page for the entirety of the month with a bit more in-depth bio of the artist.

As I mentioned you do great work, and if you have the time or interest I invite you to stop by check out Gallery No. 3 at <a href="http://galleryno3.blogspot.com">http://galleryno3.blogspot.com </a> and if you like what we do then submit some of your work.

You will also notice that we do not run any add campaigns or links on our site. Our goal is to be a podium for emerging artist, and we are not interested in generating profit from the works of others.

Well, I think that is probably enough blog whoring from me for one day, and I didn't even get around to linking my own private blogs. Oh well, c'est la vie. ;-)

This is CmB of Gallery No. 3:
Isn't it time for your creative voice to emerge?


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